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Although many of my paintings are done as commissions my work can also be purchased online here and in various shops and galleries (see Outlets). Any queries please contact me via Email, Facebook or Instagram.

There are four online shopping sections below, firstly my Original Paintings for sale, then further down below that is a section for my Prints, then below that a section for my Printed Cards (Prints and Printed Cards all are of my original paintings of course) and finally a section for all the other stuff named Other Works & Gifts.

Thanks, Annie


I frequently do commission works so please contact me if you'd like to discuss what may be possible. I am happy to fit to a budget where needed and to work from photos where available. For examples of my work please see below and also my paintings in Gallery  No obligation of course :)

Original Paintings for sale

Prints for sale (from my Original Paintings)

These are mounted prints of my original art work, bagged, with white border and all, unless noted otherwise, are 12" x 12" external size ready to pop in to a standard 12" x 12" frame, or just trim a little to fit in a 300 mm x 300 mm frame...

An example Print...


The prints available...

Printed Cards for sale (from my Original Paintings)

These cards are all prints of my own original art work, all 5 1/2 inch square when folded unless stated otherwise, bagged, with envelope and blank inside.

An example card...


The cards available...


Other Works & Gifts for sale

Here are some other works of mine, good as gifts for others or simply just to keep for yourself .

All works are produced from my original artwork.

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